An open source data-driven testing framework to evaluate application capability in establishing and maintaining geodetic integrity and data quality  

Get Started

GIGS comprises qualitative test series checklists and quantitative test dataset files.
The test series is accessible through the web portal or alternatively as an offline spreadsheet. The test dataset is available in a variety of formats and can be accessed via GeoAPI or downloaded as a compiled package.
Free registration (via EPSG) is required to utilise the web portal, or existing accounts from can be used.
Associated support documentation provides guidance on how to get started with GIGS testing, as well as in depth techincal procedural information for all tests.
The objective of GIGS testing is to identify elements of software functionality that could result in failures of geospatial integrity. A GIGS score is calculated for each test series, allowing for benchmarking and software comparison.
The GIGS test dataset is closely aligned with the EPSG Dataset, the de facto global registry of definitions of coordinate reference systems and coordinate transformations.