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Download All v2.1

    GIGS Guidance Note (IOGP Report no. 430-1) v2.0 - Guideline on geospatial integrity and general advice for GIGS testing

    GIGS User Guide (IOGP Report no. 430-2) v2.0 - Detailed technical procedures for all GIGS tests 

    GIGS Test Dataset v2.1 - Files used in GIGS quantitative testing*

    GIGS Test Series Spreadsheet v2.1 - Checklists used in GIGS qualitative testing

   GIGS Tests Flowchart v2.1 - yED schematic of GIGS framework

   GIGS Media Pack v2.0 - Slidepack and content to share 

    GIGS Website Manual v1.1  - Instructions for using the GIGS portal

*Note: to reduce download size the large volume P6 Test Dataset files are provided as a seperate supplemental download here


    GIGS source code on GitHub

   GIGS documentation via the IOGP Bookstore


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